About me

Still by Robert Taylor

Still by Robert Taylor

Hello I am CampbellX. I am a British independent filmmaker, writer and digital analyst.

As a digital consultant/project manager, work with artists and creative organisations to ensure they feel empowered to use all the tools that are available to market effectively with social media and increase their revenues. And of course get their websites up on schedule and within budget! My consultancy poWWow is set up to manage and measure social media campaigns for hard to reach and niche demographics. I also train organisations and individuals to take advantage of social media tools.

As a filmmaker I am interested in sub cultures.  I wrote and directed the award-winning urban LGBT romcom feature film Stud Life, distributed by Peccadillo Pictures in the UK, Wolfe Video in the USA and Busk Films rest of the world.

By the way I like old cars. ‘Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz…’